I am a software .NET developer. Mostly doing web development.

I try to understand the business domain and purposes of a project where I work. It helps me to understand better the essence of the product and continuously improve it.

I pay much attention on code quality and building reliable software solutions. Also, I like to share my knowledge and enjoy playing a mentor role.

My own projects

  • Tech.Interviewer - a platform for technical interviewers who want to keep their notes and share them as pdf with recruiters and candidates.
  • Kazakhstan IT salaries - service for collecting and analyzing IT salaries in Kazakhstan. Helps people to understand the market and make better salary decisions.
  • Individual Entrepreneur in Kazakhstan about KB - a knowledge base about Individual Entrepreneur (ru: “ИП”) in Kazakhstan. Helps people to understand the process of registration and running IE.

I can help you with …

  • .NET
  • Angular 2+
  • Clean code
  • Elasticsearch
  • SQL
  • GitFlow
  • Docker
  • Setting up CI/CD

Where you can find me


Here you will find my CV, if you need it

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